Using our expert industry knowledge, we work with you to analyse the sector to develop a strategy to execute a successful marketplace


With our experience in building some of the largest marketplaces in the world, we have developed a range of enterprise API and portal to manage a marketplace


We are able to provide operational support for clients who require some ‘drop-in’ expertise running their marketplace.


Whether technical support or account management, we can support you as you add a marketplace capability to your existing ecommerce operation.

What is a Marketplace?

At its heart an online marketplace is a web site that brings lots of customers and lots of sellers together.

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Our clients say it best!

"Unparalleled support"

The support has been unparalleled – we became a virtual team and they treated the project with the same energy, drive, thoughtfulness and effort as if we had built in-house.


"Pleasure to work with"

From start to finish, they were a pleasure to work with – communicating regularly and accurately at every stage of the strategic planning and technical build in in an open and honest way that demonstrated a high level of integrity.

Publishing Director at Time Inc UK

"Stand-out expertise"

Marketplace Lab stand out because of their trading expertise. We needed a partner that could not only help us build the site, but could help with launching and running it too.

Founder The Wine Listings


Already got your own marketplace?

No problem!  Our management team have worked in-house on some of the world’s largest proprietary marketplaces, including Amazon, Tesco, Play, ASOS and others.  We have some big-ticket experience in this sector and can help you with many aspects of building, launching and running your own marketplace.

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How we build a marketplace


Over the course of several subsequent blog posts we’ll discuss some common areas that we help our clients work through, the complexities and benefits introduced by a marketplace and also, some common solutions that we see time and time again.


How we build a marketplace

Part 1: Types of marketplace

In this series we’re covering common topics that we encounter when we build or we’re advising on marketplaces. This post will be discussing common marketplace types, how to identify them and then use that information to build your requirements list.


How we build a marketplace

Part 2: Products

In Part 2 of our ‘How we build a marketplace’ series we’ll be covering how to get products into your marketplace and how the management of your catalogue can differ from a traditional e-commerce operation when running a marketplace.


How we build a marketplace

Part 3: Delivery and checkout

In Part 3 we’ll deal with the changes you’ll need to consider to your delivery and checkout options and how your marketplace software might handle those changes.

Let us help you run a marketplace

The benefits of letting us help you


Marketplace Lab can supply deep expertise from some of the most experienced marketplace professionals in the world, without the need for a lengthy and expensive recruitment drive.  We can supply end-to-end disciplines, from help with building a marketplace financial plan through to running it when it is live.  It can take years to build up the equivalent knowledge across these areas.

Staffing up can take a long time and lack of operational readiness is an all-too-common cause of delayed launch for marketplace projects.  In the event that you cannot find a key hire in time, our service provides resource on tap so that you can keep your promises to your launch sellers and other stakeholders.

All of our engagements are done with an exit strategy in mind, and an important part of this is ensuring that knowledge is transferred into the client business.  Where the marketplace is a new project, we can help to embed the capabilities in your organisation, avoiding the pitfalls of learning as you go.

You know exactly what your monthly cost will be.  Regular updates are supplied by the project lead at agreed intervals showing use of resources or, if development resource is supplied, ‘burn-down’ against estimates.   If necessary, all costs can be switched off quickly and easily, unlike in-house staffing, where individuals will need to be redeployed or undergo an unpleasant redundancy process.  We even offer a 100% risk free plan for the first 30 days of engagement.

Chief Executive Officer
Luke Taylor

Luke has over 15 years of operational experience at some marketplaces including Amazon, Tesco, Play and Sony. Formerly the Marketplace Director at and Product Manager for Amazon Marketplace, Luke has spoken about marketplaces at industry events and is widely regarded as one of Europe’s thought leaders on marketplace technology and operation.

Matthew Fitchett

Matthew was one of a handful of senior software developers at and took on the role of Scrum Master for the PlayTrade project; working closely alongside Luke, Matthew was responsible for delivering the marketplace product, including architecture, team coordination and management responsibilities.

Principal Consultant
Nick McPhedran

Nick has 15 years’ experience working with world-renowned brands such as BBC, Ford, Reuters and as a senior business analyst and e-commerce manager. Nick has worked in both retail and within the world of e-commerce platform vendors, giving him a unique insight into both the needs of retailers and the capabilities of platforms.

Senior Software Developer
Mark O'Grady

Mark has been a software developer for over 10 years and has worked with many blue chip companies. He has experience developing ecommerce solution for emerging markets.

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